Consumers White Goods Trending Globally

The global consumer durable sector is count among the core sectors of any economy including India's,

it is immensely significant being a nearly precise indicator of the nation's economic well-being, especially as a pointer to the distribution of prosperity among the different income segments. This industry typically behaves like the fashion industry. The consumer's taste changes rapidly. The average Indian consumer wants newer models with the latest feature

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Hedge funds return to oil as OPEC removes some downside risk

Hedge fund managers stepped up their purchases of oil and refined products last week on growing hopes of a U.S.-China trade truce and that the global economy will avoid a severe slowdown in 2019.

But fund buying has been concentrated in crude rather than fuels, which is consistent with producer club OPEC tightening the supply side of the market while the demand outlook remains more uncertain.

But fund buying has been concentrated in crude rather than fuels, which is consistent wit

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Mobile Revenues Account for More Than 50% of the Global Games Market as It Reaches $137.9 Billion in 2020

"The games industry changed in the last decade from a market dominated by the console and online publishing giants, to an explosion of new and disruptive mobile insurgents. Mobile games will generate more revenue than online games in 2016, as well as more revenue than console software,"  "Where mobile games will take $3 of eve

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Jio tops in 4G availability, Airtel fastest during July-Dec 2018

Reliance Jio topped in terms of 4G availability among the telecom service providers with 98.8% availability during the second half of 2018, an Ookla report said on Tuesday.

Jio was followed by Airtel with 90% availability, said the report titled, “Analyzing India’s 4G Availability: Including a Look at the 15 Largest Cities”.

“At country-level, Jio shows an impressive 98.8 per cent 4G availability. That means that a Jio customer has access to LTE service at 98.8 per cent of survey
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